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“A 360 Degree Fan Rewards Program”

Fans don’t just exist during the game. If your program ignores fans once the event is over, you miss endless opportunities for fan engagement. At SuperFanU, we know that what you do before and after the game is just as important as what you do during the game, and our unique program helps you reach fans at any time.

Athletic Management, “Take Control”

In the current digital age, it can be tough to capture fans’ attention. It’s even tougher for high school administrators, often working on a smaller budget. SuperFanU’s high school program, SuperFanHigh, allows high school athletic departments to take back control, reach fans, and keep them engaged.

If the goal is providing a deeper, more impactful fan experience, then limiting yourself to “in game” only experiences is missing 2/3 of the fan equation.

Tendai CharasikaCEO, SuperFanU

The Baltimore Sun, “Howard High changing fan experience with debut of SuperFan App”

With the creation of the Howard Lions app, Howard High School became the first high school in the state of Maryland to adopt the SuperFanHigh program. The app rewards fans for attendance, and is already getting the community excited about Howard events this year.

“We are really excited about where it’s starting and where it’s going to go,” said Duffy, Athletics and Activities Manager. “We’ve had great buy in from both our administration and our community and I don’t think anyone expected it to be this popular, this fast. But it’s been great to see.

“You look at the APP engagement numbers and we’re around 10,000 to 11,000 (hits) a week at the moment.” - Duffy

CityBeat-TV, “All Access: Gilmour Sports App”

Students and fans always on their phones? Well if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Gilmour Academy became the first high school in Ohio to create its own fan engagement app when it signed on with SuperFanU, and uses its Lancer Nation app to reach the fans that are constantly attached to their phones.

They’re on their phones and their devices all the time, why not have an app that can meet them halfway.

Jeff WalrichAthletic Director

Jeff Walrich, “How to increase student attendance at school activities? There is an App for that!”

As Jeff Walrich and Gilmour Academy’s Lancer Nation have shown, the SuperFanU platform can be used for events outside athletics to great success! Taking advantage of the data collection and communication features of the app, Walrich and Gilmour Academy have been able to increase attendance at sporting events, but also things like plays, blood drives, speeches, and other school events!

Howard High School, “Howard Lions SuperFan App”

This is what student engagement is ALL about. SuperFanHigh’s first client in the great state of Maryland, Howard High School, created this amazing HYPE video to showcase their app, their dedication to student engagement, and to the commitment they are showing to their school community.

Jeff Walrich, Gilmour Academy: “Involve your student-athletes in your marketing, promotion, and social media!”

When promoting your fan rewards app, don’t be afraid to get everyone involved, especially student athletes. Jeff Walrich and Gilmour Academy strive to include student athletes in all of their promotion, which helps maximize the athletic experience, for both the athletes and the fans. Incorporating student athletes into all marketing, social media, and other promotional campaigns can provide the feel of college athletics on a high school athletics budget.

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